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Why do you want to use PowerPoint?


  • Presenting information as you might have done with OHTs in the old days
  • Supporting a speech or lecture – bullet points reminding you of what to say
  • Displaying images in a big way
  • A slide show (literally)
  • A simple way to create graphics


Getting started


  • Plan what you want to put on the slides (which will be different to, and much less than, what you want to say!)
  • Start, end and middle etc. Find the images you might need and save them somewhere. If you intend to use links to web sites, store them as Favourites or Bookmarks
  • Use the defaults. Leave the fonts alone. Type where suggested. Ignore all the designs and groovy backgrounds (at least until the content is finished)
  • Use supplied slide layouts. Don’t add your own text areas to a blank slide unless all your doing is a picture show.
  • Use a Master slide for anything that needs to appear on every slide (like a corporate logo, name, date etc.


getting started | slide layout | text | images | designs | Slide Sorter | backgrounds | more backgrounds | background images | first and last slides | printing | Master slides | transitions | animation


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