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Hardware, software, help, advice

links to some of the experts' sites where you should find most of the answers to technical questions or the latest deals

Help and advice

PC Advisor contains moreorless totally UK-orientated articles and reviews (unlike ZDNet below which is essentially American). Excellent place to check out the best hardware buys and to get more information on software and developments. A very good PC advice forum too for registered users.

More help and advice

Another vast resource. ZD is for Ziff Davis, the publishers of magazines including PC Magazine. Wide range of up-to-date information about hardware and software of all shapes and sizes plus good independent reviews and articles. Very useful too for software downloads if you want to try something out before buying or are simply looking for freeware or shareware. Also has an advice forum for registered users.

Even more, and possibly the best, Windows / Office advice

Woody’s world of windows and associated works is a marvellous place for people like me who need help with something that should be simple to change in a Microsoft Office production but isn’t. This site is essentially for those who want to get as much knowledge about the way the programs work. Well written and constantly updated. I very seldom recommend newletters but these are some of the very very best that I do read!

Spyware removal

Your antivirus software may not pick up the increasing number of annoying chunks of software that can cause trouble by trying to collect information as you surf or, worse but less likely, collect personal details, bank codes etc. Adaware SE Personal Edition is free and works simply and really well. Download it today from here and use it every week.

PC dictionary

A great and well written source of information about computers and the Internet, including a full glossary of terms used. The recent update refers to the site's sixth birthday making it almost 'veteran' in web terms. That would make The Studyzone prehistoric!


A vast source of information about the vast Microsoft software. Sometimes difficult to navigate but the answers to most technical problems will be there . . . somewhere!


Producers of some excellent anti-virus software and part of Network Associates. In particular, their on-line services are worth considering and include a range of on-line products for cleaning up home PCs and checking systems

Network Associates

This is the place to find information about viruses - their virus information library even includes the hoaxes so check here if you get one of those e-mails warning you of imminent disaster!


If you want to break away from the chains (or constant ntl disconnections!) of your current ISP and have your own space on the net then you need a domain name and space on someone’s server to store your pages. Theses people offer an excellent service despite their terribly badly designed site! Some free services too and a domain search and registration service.


One of the leading places for searching for, registering and buying international domain names

a usa address?

Very useful if you want to buy at US prices but the site doesn't deliver to your country

NetObjects Fusion

Web design made easy with this software. Rapidly getting the recognition it deserves and far more suitable than Macromedia's Dreamweaver for people new to design or those who simply want to create a decent-looking site and get on with their lives. This link is for the latest version 8. However the previous MX version was excellent and is available free on the May04 PC Advisor disk if you can find one!


Still regarded as the 'industry standard' and a powerful but pretty difficult to get to grips with web design program. If you're really going to get serious about web design you'll get all you want here - including some first class notes and support material


If you can't be bothered to get any software or get a domain then Moonfruit will do a very smart job for you. Experiment for free for a couple of weeks. After that, you'll need to pay, but remember you'll have saved a packet so it's not so bad for a starting point!


Good, easy to use, image editing and design software.


This free program will handle all known image formats and includes a good range of options. Absolutely vital if you haven't got any image editing software and want to work with pictures

Dot TK

The Tokeleau Islands may be miles from anywhere but some enthusiastic guys are trying to promote the place and are offering free domains ending in .tk - the link is to one I have set up but just click on the ad there for more information.

Hot Potatoes

Use this software to create interesting resources or learning materials for your students or colleagues. It's free to staff for educational development purposes. You'll probably find quite a few uses for it! Download it from this link.

Your own font

If you like the idea of creating your own font - based on your handwriting for instance - then this very reasonably priced service does just that. A few dollars and it works a treat.


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