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Other things

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Just a few others

that I visit which may not fall into any particular category - the page is probably more for my use than anyone elses but feel free to browse.

Visionary Places

Fine digital artist's work on display


Sounds of the Sixties is unmissable but, of course, I do miss it from time to time and the Listen Again feature is brilliant. Johnnie Walker used to make one almost look forward to delays on the drive to or from work and can still be heard from time to time

The X files

whether or not you like the series, the site is a truly excellent example of the best modern design

Machin definitive stamps

The AHI machin stamp catalogue lists over 500 of these stamps and has illustrations of each value and most colours to assist collectors. Bearing mind that a 1/2p stamp may be worth over £50 and a 31p over £100, this site is worth a visit for investors and collectors alike.

Stanley Gibbons

The world’s best-known stamp dealer. Not necessarily the cheapest place to buy but virtually everything ever issued postally anywhere in the world should be listed in this new on-line catalogue. Strangely, I’m not finding it easy to locate some of the rarer items listed in my own catalogue - hence the use of the word ‘should’ above.

Pirate Radio

Way back in 1967 the best music was played on Radio London and Radio Caroline by djs broadcasting from boats offshore. That's where you could have found Johnnie Walker, Kenny Everett, Tony Blackburn, Emperor Rosko, Alan Freeman, Keith Skues and so many who later became household names. The Labour Government effectively blew them out of the water and gave us Radio One. I've voted Conservative ever since.


Translate short chunks of text on-line, free, instantly. Many languages - an amazing resource

The Prisoner

An addict of the 60s tv series, I find a lot of useful stuff here about No6 and the production


The original, British, illustrations, not the American crap


Original illustrations

The Simpsons

Good resource for info and images from the series

Twin Peaks

Rare gallery of screen shots from the TV series

My nextdoor neighbour

Adrian Pinckard's excellent images on display, and the site I created for him


His nextdoor neighbour

I also managed to get something on the same site, and again here

Nobody here?

Strange but fascinating and often very amusing example of offbeat design


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