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OK, so just what is The Studyzone?


Back in 1996 I used to carry huge piles of exercise sheets and notes around whenever I was teaching people. I tried putting them all on disks but could never remember what was on which disk. In those days most of us thought that a web site was somewhere spiders lived but I created a few badly laid out pages of lists which had links to the documents I used most. Stored in some free space provided by an Internet Service Provider with an almost impossible-to-recall address it proved really useful and I not only had a library of stuff I could get at anywhere in the world but I could also have some pictures on hand to play with if the sessions got a bit tedious.

Students seemed to like it and I called it The Studyzone. Other colleagues got to know about it and, embarrassed by its very amateur appearance, I smartened it up a bit. This is the latest version and it's simply here for anyone who wants to use it. There are mistakes, some links may not work but, hey, it's free, and there are no pop-up ads, banners or flashing wotsits. I have now included a catalogue of :internet links, some information about courses I'm involved in and a newsletter.

Any opinions expressed are purely personal and I get no commission from any organisations that I recommend, (nor, hopefully, writs from those I criticise!) I hope you find it a useful place to rummage around in and I welcome any comments as to things that would improve it. And the old one's still here.

Andrew Hill


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